Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Moving forward

As you head to year 6, after another crazy year, what would you like to tell your new teacher.  

Tell them all about yourself and what you'd like them to know.

Art tutorial- three choices

 I've put three different drawing activities on. You can try one or all three it's up to you!

https://youtu.be/VBIO56OEYGg    -  Pikachu (step by step)

https://youtu.be/IUQASBSTUQw - Mehndi design (step by step)

https://youtu.be/LvE-89Db0cc- baby groot (step by step)

All about Malala: Read all about this amazing, inspirational young woman.


Answer the questions about Malala

Thursday, 22 July 2021

5 Elland Maths lesson

 Here is the next installment of Maths to keep you busy.

Division questions

Multiplying decimals

Ordering decimals

Good luck 

The answers will be put up tomorrow

Mr Joynson 

5 Elland Reading day 3

Hope everyone is well? 

Here are the answers from the reading lesson day 2. How did you get on?

Chapter 3 
The Bloody Candelabra

Good luck 

Mr Joynson